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Hazelnut drinking chocolate, 500 g, certified organic

Ready mix with a subtle hazelnut flavour. Cocoa powder (32%), sugar, natural hazelnut aroma. 500 g, certified organic).

€12.54/1 kg

About fair traded cocoa

With water, cocoa powder and spices a drink called „Xocolatl“was created in Middle American advanced civilisations more than 500 years ago, the basis for the popular drinking chocolate remains unchanged today. „Xocolatl“ comes from the indigenous words Xoco (= cocoa) und Latl (= water). Drinking cocoa was the reserve of the aristocracy but was typically unsweetened and cold with a generous helping of spices such as chili or vanilla. High quality ingredients and careful preparation guarantees the intensive taste experience of our drinking chocolate! The raw ingredients are from fair trade origins and certified organic cultivation. Simply add the cocoa powder to hot milk, stir and it's ready!

Made in: Germany
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